Department of Otolaryngology

Cleaning & Maintenance of Voice Prostheses

How to clean the voice prosthesis:

  • Utilize a wet Q-tip or tweezers to gently pull off any built up mucous covering/around the voice prosthesis. DO NOT PULL THE VOICE PROSTHESIS
  • Insert the cleaning brush into the center of the voice prosthesis.Twist the brush in a circular motion, as well as push the brush back and forth in the center of the prosthesis to remove mucous and/or food build up.
  • Insert saline into the pipette.Line the pipette with the center hole of the voice prosthesis.Squeeze the saline through the voice prosthesis.
  • Clean the voice prosthesis first thing in the morning and at night, usually before going to bed. The voice prosthesis can be cleaned throughout the day as needed.May need to be cleaned multiple times, especially with significant mucous production.
  • Drink a glass of warm salt water, after each meal, to wash off any food that may have built up on the back of the voice prosthesis.
  • The voice prosthesis should be assessed for leaking daily.This may be done first thing in the morning or at night during cleaning of the voice prosthesis.By utilizing a flashlight and a mirror, shine the flashlight into the stoma.Proceed to drink liquids, preferably one with color, or add a little blue food coloring to water.Assess if any liquid is observed through or around the voice prosthesis.
  • The laryngectomy tube can be cleaned by using warm water and a Q-tip.