Department of Otolaryngology


The objectives of the two-year University of Pittsburgh ACGME accredited Otology/Neurotology fellowship program are to involve the otology-neurotology fellows in an extensive array of medical and surgical experiences, provide a solid foundation in auditory and vestibular sciences, and a thorough understanding of audiologic and vestibular testing. To achieve these objectives, in addition to time spent in the clinic and operating room with the three neurotology faculty members, we have constructed a series of required rotations which will provide in-depth exposure to audiology, vestibular disorders, neuroradiology, neuropathology, facial nerve disorders, stereotactic radiation therapy and anterior skull base approaches. The fellow's experience will be further enriched by a comprehensive didactic program which will include exposure to temporal bone histopathology, basic sciences related to neurotology, and an opportunity to conduct clinical and/or basic science research.

The resident’s training will be based primarily at the Eye & Ear Institute and adjoining hospitals (UPMC Presyterian and UPMC Montefiore). During the first year of training, the resident will spend ~2 ½ days/week in clinic, 2 days/week in the operating room and ½ day/week on required rotations in related subspecialties. During the second year, the subspecialty rotation will be replaced by protected research time. Given the size of our core Otology/Neurotology faculty, we believe that it is not in the best interests of the otology/neurotolgy resident to have isolated rotations with individual faculty members. Where the two neurotologists’ schedules overlap, we will select with the fellow, the most rewarding and productive educational opportunity.

Fellowship Director:

Barry Hirsch, MD

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Marykay Vallo
Department of Otolaryngology UPMC
203 Lothrop Street, EEI Suite 500
Pittsburgh PA 15213