Department of Otolaryngology

Visiting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholars Program provides an opportunity for international physicians to observe clinical care in outpatient, inpatient and operative settings. Visiting scholars are also invited and encouraged to attend our weekly teaching and patient planning conferences. Participating divisions within the Department of Otolaryngology include:

  • Audiology
  • Cranial Base Surgery
  • Head and Neck Oncological Surgery
  • Otology/Neurotology
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology
  • Speech and Swallowing Disorders
  • Vestibular Disorders
  • Voice Disorders

Unfortunately, neither our department nor the University of Pittsburgh have funds available to support travel or housing expenses or to pay a stipend; therefore, all financial support will be the responsibility of the visiting scholar’s home institution and/or their own personal resources.

For more information about this program or to apply, please contact Allison Reiber, 412-648-6294,

List of the countries and specialties for the International Visiting Scholar program from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013

Country Number
Korea 13
Spain 2
China 14
Brazil 3
Turkey 4
Germany 3
Iraq 2
Canada 1
Dominican Republic 1
Romania 1
Iran 1
Japan 3
Taiwan 3
Total 51
Subspecialty Number
Head and Neck Surgery 19
Skull Base Surgery 13
Sinonasal Disorders 8
Voice Disorders 19
Voice Pathology & Phonosurgery 1
Speech and Swallowing 11
Pediatric Otolaryngoloy 8
Otology/Neurotology 6
Maxillofacial Surgery 4
Vestibular Disorders 3
Audiology 1
Infectious Diseases 1
Research, Animal Model 1